Each student will receive two tickets to the event. As the event draws nearer and we have a clearer idea of who will be attending, we hope to be able to make additional tickets available.  We ask that you RSVP to us no later than May 21 to assist in planning for this event. Tickets for students who do not respond by this date will be forfeited to other families.  

The dress code for this event is business casual.  Students must come to school IN dress code, as they will be dismissed around 2:00 pm, and will have time at home to change and get ready. If the student is wearing anything deemed inappropriate, they will have to change into their uniform.  If they do not, they will be excluded from the Awards.   There are no exceptions. Please make sure that your child follows the dress code for the awards ceremony below.




  • Dresses, skirts, capris or slacks

(Must knee length or longer)

  • Casual blouses and tops
  • Sandals, Heels, Nice Boots or flats

(No flip-flops)



  • Khakis, Slacks (No jeans)
  • Collared shirts, Button Down Shirts

(No T-shirts)

  • Dress shoes, Nice Boots

  • Jeans/T-shirts/sweatpants
  • Short dresses/skirts above knee length
  • Leggings or tight fitting clothing
  • Clothing with holes/shredding,  or obscene/offensive language or graphics
  • Visible undergarments/ Sleeveless/Sheer tops/Tank Tops  (Cannot show excessive skin)
  • Anything drug/alcohol/sex/gang related
  • Chains, spiked collars or belts, or accessories that may be used as weapons
  • No Hats