After school tutoring…Throughout the school year, Oak Hammock Middle School provides numerous opportunities to help our students succeed. One of the programs we offer is the after-school tutoring program. This program is for students in all grade levels and takes place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 4:00 until 5:15. The tutoring programs currently offered are:

  • Math & Algebra
  • Science
  • Reading
  • Social Studies
  • Study Skills

Book battle…The Osprey Book Battle Team hosts a very diverse group of students who love to read. We meet once per week to read, discuss, write higher order thinking questions about, and quiz one another on the Sunshine State Young Reader Award Books. Oak Hammock’s Book Battle Team has placed in the top four or higher out of all Lee County Middle Schools for the past five years in a row.

Chess club…The Oak Hammock Chess team is a group of diverse students from all grade levels and skill levels who meet one day a week to strengthen their skills related to strategy, decision making and fair play. All while playing a game the students learn how to self-assess in order to be a better chess player, critical thinking skills so they can have multiple views of possible outcomes and sportsmanship so they can both win and lose gracefully.

Crochet club…The Oak Hammock crochet club meets once a week for all grade levels.  During our meetings, students learn to read patterns that encourage reading strategies and promote math skills, connecting math to real wold situations.  Students gain the satisfaction and self-esteem when learning a new skill and completing a project, and tap different ways to express their creativity.  

Crop…The College Reach-Out Program was established in order to identify, motivate and prepare middle and high school students to complete post-secondary education. The purpose of the program is to increase first generation college graduates.  CROP meets weekly with the vision of guiding students to enroll in postsecondary institutions with the confidence that they will possess the determination to pursue a degree and become positive influences in the community as the result of the guidance and encouragement they received from the program.

Gardening Club…As part of this club, students work outdoors with garden tools, soil, plants, seeds, fencing materials and organic fertilizer. OHMS has 6 raised garden beds, where students grow lettuce, tomatoes, beans, radish, onions, collards, carrots, peppers, squash, corn, swiss chard, cucumbers, and herbs. Students learn how seeds grow by looking at a lima bean embryo, where seeds get nutrients, about soil PH, soil testing, photosynthesis, growing seasons, and climates. 

Guitar Club…Guitar Club is an informal club for students interested in playing guitar together and also for those who have never played before but would like to learn how.   

Math Team…The Osprey Math Team is comprised of high level math students who have shown excellence inside the classroom. We want to represent how competitive and strong Oak Hammock Middle School students are at mathematics in all the area middle school competitions. In fact over the past two years, the Osprey Math Team has had two grade level champions, and was the highest placing Lee County School at the Florida Gulf Coast Math Competition this past December beating out every high school in the county.  Students who join the math team will enjoy competitions that allow them to prove how good they are at math against other middle school and high school students. Students get an accelerated curriculum and cover material that other students haven’t seen or may never get to this year, putting them ahead of the rest. Also, our math team students make strong gains on their FCAT and EOC scores and usually perform higher on the current FCAT and EOC than other students in their classes. Students will enjoy practices that are fast paced and approach math differently than in the classroom with lots of competition built in to the activities. We would like to personally invite you to be a part The Osprey Math Team this upcoming year.

NJHS…Membership in the National Junior Honor Society is both an honor and a responsibility. It is an honor to be chosen and recognizes service, citizenship, leadership, and character in addition to academic excellence. If a student chooses to apply and is selected for membership, they will be required to maintain a 3.0 grade point average each quarter, complete three service projects each school year, and maintain the highest standards in conduct and service. NJHS members are looked upon as a student leader by their peers. Mandatory meetings are held twice a month; members are expected to attend one of those meetings each month.  

Step Team…Stepping is a form of dance originating from African dancing but most recent years has been made popular on college campuses, performed by sororities and fraternities.  You can see the many versions of stepping in movies such as,” Stomp the Yard” and “Step Up”.  Stepping uses your entire body as an instrument to produce a mix of sounds and rhythms.  Claps, stomps, and verbal sounds are mixed together to produce powerful rhythms that inspire others to join in. 

The OHMS Steppers were created by students and lead by students with the goal of creating a positive activity that all students with different skill levels can join and feel successful.   The teams’ chorographer, captains and co-captain are all experienced OHMS students with a passion for stepping and team unity.   All students who participate on the step team must make a firm commitment to the team, practice twice a week; perform at events, shows and competition.   We look forward to seeing you at open house where you can sign up and receive further information about tryouts, practices and performances.

Student Council… Student Council is a student-based civic organization in which students from all grade levels promote school spirit and leadership. Our council members demonstrate high standards of personal conduct both in school and outside of school. Our council works to promote good citizenship, positive student/faculty relationships, offers a forum for student expression, and helps to foster a positive school morale. We also work diligently to plan special events and projects for all members of The Oak Family to take part in!