At Oak Hammock Middle School dance students will be provided with a wide range of quality opportunities and experiences that will allow them to prepare for advance study, creative growth, and personal fulfillment. Students participating in dance will study the major dance styles and choreography, with a strong focus on performance practices and individual creative expression. In the dance classroom, skills are developed through classwork, technique, individual and class projects, and performance opportunities. Dance styles learned include Ballet, Hip-Hop, Salsa and Ballroom Dancing, and Jazz and Lyrical Dance. Different styles vary throughout our 4 levels of dance courses, based on the students in each course.

Intro to Dance An exploration of various disciplines including ballet, tap, jazz, and musical theatre dance.  Students are introduced to choreographers, dance styles, and dance history.

Dance 2 (Pre-requisite: Intro to Dance) Students expand on their skills learned in Intro to Dance.  Public performances may be required.

Dance 3 (Teacher Recommendation Only)