Oak Hammock Uniform Dress Code 2016-2017

Shirts:  Orange, Blue (Light Blue, Royal Blue, Navy), White and Gray Solid color, polo style collared shirts or Oak Hammock t-shirts.

  • Polo shirts must have a maximum of 3 buttons (not cap sleeve).
  • All shirts must be tucked in and fit appropriately.
  • A single brand logo (approximately the size of a quarter) may appear on the shirt’s chest or sleeve area.
  • Students are only allowed to wear a plain white t-shirt/camisole/long sleeve shirt underneath the polo shirt.

Pants/Shorts/Capris/Skirts: Acceptable colors – Navy and Khaki

  • All uniform bottoms must be a solid color listed above.
  • Uniform bottoms must be worn at the waist, above the hip/pelvic bone.
  • Uniform bottoms must fit appropriately (No tight pants).
  • All pants, skirts and shorts must have belt loops; length of skirts and shorts must be at or below the knee in the standing position.

The following items may not be worn:

  • Joggers, jeans, denim of any color, cargo shorts/pants, carpenter pants, low rise bottoms, hip hugger bottoms, torn clothing, extra zippers, extra pockets, ties and/or strings, non-functional buttons, ornamental stitching, yoga pants, spandex, stretch fabrics
  • Belt buckles should not display names, logos, flags, or other emblems
  • Over-sized buckles

Jackets/Sweaters:  solid color with no pattern or graphics

  • Jackets must be a solid color, and must be unzipped at all times.
  • Pullover sweaters, pullover sweatshirts, and hooded sweatshirts are not allowed.

Shoes:  Closed toe shoes secured properly including tennis shoes, sneakers, loafers, or topsiders

  • No sandal, slipper-type shoes or beach-type shoes, including shoes made out of mesh or  plastic, and no Croc
  • No boots


  • No Bandanas
  • No lines or designs in eyebrows
  • Hats, caps, headgear, gloves and sunglasses are NOT permitted in the building. There may be exceptions for medical conditions (with a doctor’s note) and/or physical education classes being held outside which permit sunglasses and hats. The administration will determine these exceptions.
  • Any necklace should be worn under the shirt.
  • Hair coloring, style, and accessories that may cause a disruption to the educational environment are prohibited. No spiked hair or mohawks.

* All other Dress Code requirements already in the student handbook and aligned with the Lee County School District.

* The principal and staff will designate special event days and provide the students with information on how the dress code may be altered for those days

* All uniform dress code issues not addressed above will be subject to administrative discretion.

1st Dress Code Violation = Warning (Parent contact)

2nd Dress Code Violation = Warning (Parent contact)

3rd Dress Code Violation = Student will receive an afternoon detention (Parent Contact)