Computer Applications This course includes instruction in keyboarding, word processing, electronic presentation, computer hardware, Internet, introductory spreadsheet, and skills for business applications.

Intro to Digital Design Students build technology skills as they learn the art of photography and the digital process to enhance photos.  Students learn skills in Adobe Photoshop such as zoom, aperture, lighting, composition, and editing.

Advanced Digital Design (Prerequisite Intro to Digital Design/Computer Applications 2).  Students expand on the skills learned in Digital Design.

Fundamental of Web Design Students in this course have the opportunity to earn an industry certification as a Certified Internet Web (CIW) Internet Business Associate.  Students learn about Internet connection methods, Internet protocols, the Domain Name System (DNS) and cloud computing. Students will study the basic functions of Web browsers, the components of Web addresses, the use and control of cookies, and browser use in the business world. 


Intro to Junior Leadership Students learn leadership development, teamwork and responsible patriotic citizenship.  A strong emphasis is placed on honesty, values, self-discipline, physical fitness and preparing students to transition to high school.

Junior Leadership 2 (Pre-requisite: Intro to Junior Leadership) Students continue developing skills learned in Intro Junior Leadership

Advanced Junior Leadership (Leadership Teacher Recommendation Required)


AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a college readiness system designed to increase student achievement. Students learn organizational skills, study skills, improve critical thinking, and get academic help from peers and college tutors making college seem attainable.  Students are selected and enrolled in an AVID class after an application process.


Intro to Culinary Students will learn about nutrition, explore how to safely and productively function in a kitchen setting, utilize large and small equipment, read, understand and write recipes, use proper measuring techniques, as well as apply basic cooking terminology.  Many hands on activities and labs are provided.

Intermediate Cooking (Prerequisite: Intro to Culinary) Students build upon skills learned in previous course

Advanced Cooking (Teacher Recommendation) Students use skills learned in previous courses and have the opportunity to earn the SafeServ industry certification. 



Extreme/Alternate Sports The purpose of this course is to provide the skills and knowledge they need to become healthy and physical active for a lifetime.  Students will learn the proper fundamentals and techniques to circuit and resistance training.

Health The purpose of this course is to develop and enhance healthy behaviors that influence lifestyle choices and student health and fitness.  This course will involve both Health and Fitness Concepts.


Creative Writing I (ELA Teacher Recommendation Required) Students will learn and use writing language skills for creative expression in a variety of literary forms. Students also write to the school newsletter.

TV Production Students will use a variety of software and equipment to perform digital publishing and digital imaging activities as well as communication, collaboration and decision-making activities; critical thinking; and problem solving.

Yearbook (Teacher Recommendation required) Students develop basic knowledge and skills with emphasis on determining and refining questions and layouts for the Yearbook.