Junior Leadership is an elective course offered for our students focusing on building sutdent leaders in our school and community.  Students in this program have the opportunity to attend team based field trips, partcipate in community events such as parades and presentation of colors, and serve as leaders within the program.  Students will leaarn:

  • Attributes of leaders
  • Define personal success
  • Analyze their skills
  • Create personal goals
  • roles and responsibilities in their community
  • Self-Management
  • Explore cultures
  • Identify global concerns
  • Service learning
  • Physical fitness


Intro to Junior Leadership Students learn leadership development, teamwork and responsible patriotic citizenship.  A strong emphasis is placed on honesty, values, self-discipline, physical fitness and preparing students to transition to high school.

Junior Leadership 2 (Pre-requisite: Intro to Junior Leadership) Students continue developing skills learned in Intro Junior Leadership

Advanced Junior Leadership (Leadership Teacher Recommendation Required)