OHMS Counseling Department


The mission of Oak Hammock’s Counseling department is to develop students by teaching them the importance of education, respect, self-discipline, and kindness for other students and their community.  We will foster an appreciation for diversity, promote a safe and supportive environment, and encourage growth in all students. We believe that all students are capable of learning if they are supported and encouraged to do their very best. We are committed to providing a comprehensive school-counseling program to assist students in acquiring and using lifelong learning and coping skills. We aim to serve as advocates for students, allies with teachers, and liaisons with parents.



The School Counseling Department is a place where all students feel supported, respected and valued so that they can learn to their greatest extent, and develop skills to be productive high-quality citizens.  In the school counseling department counselors will be competent lifelong learners of the profession who are enthusiastic and positive role-models.


Support and Encouragement


Academic and Goal-Driven Decisions


Visionary Leadership

Take Stock in Children Scholarship

Scholarship Opportunity for 6th Graders

Income Eligibility Requirements




Students: Your counselor can be reached via Castle request. Please ask the main office or any teacher to submit a request for you.

Parents/Guardians: Counselors can be reached via email (above) or phone 239-693-0469. In order to best accommodate you, please schedule an appointment and we would be happy to meet with you.

Meet the Counselors






August Responsibility

  • Back to school! J
  • Morning news segment - Responsibility
  • 6th grade orientation
  • Assist students with transition
  • Prepare for self-esteem small group
  • Individual counseling


September Acceptance

  • Morning news segment - Acceptance
  • Self-esteem small group
  • Classroom guidance: Acceptance/Empathy
  • Take Stock in Children
  • Duke TIP
  • Individual counseling

October Respect

  • Morning news segment - Respect
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Classroom guidance: Respect
  • Individual counseling





November Citizenship

  • Morning news segment - Citizenship
  • Honor Roll ceremonies
  • Small group counseling – academic at-risk
  • Individual counseling

December Kindness

  • Morning news segment – Kindness
  • 2nd semester schedules
  • Staff and student kudos
  • Individual counseling

January Commitment

  • Morning news segment – Commitment
  • My Career Shines classroom guidance
  • Individual counseling

February Honesty

  • Morning news segment – Honesty
  • Honesty bookmark activity
  • My Career Shines classroom guidance
  • Honor Roll ceremonies
  • Individual counseling

March Courage

  • Morning news segment – Courage
  • Continuing My Career Shines
  • Individual counseling






April Integrity

  • Morning news segment - Integrity
  • Test Anxiety series
  • Test preparation small group
  • Individual counseling




May Patience

  • Morning news segment – Patience
  • “Girls Going Places” field trip
  • Summer school preparation
  • Saying goodbye/wrap-up consultation
  • Summer break! J