Theatre 2015-16

Theatre 2015-16

Districts 2015-16

Congratulation to the following students for doing so well at our Ditricts Drama Festival. Every student that particpated in the festival will be taking an IE to STATES. Congratulations everyone who particpated.

*Going to States


*Aybre Morris           7th Grade    Superior     "Rosie the Teddy Bear"

*Jocelyn Baldini        8th Grade    Superior     "Veruca: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

*Hope Maybrier        8th Grade    Excellent     "I Can't Go On"

Kelsey Skates         8th Grade    Good         "Guilt"

Duet Acting

*Gabby Stallwood (8th) and Kelsey Skates (8th)    "Super" Superior   "Demon Child"

*Melissa Ludwig (8th) and Malenia Watson (8th)     Excellent             "Disconnect"

Ensemble Acting

*Aybre Morris (7th) Grace Martel (8th) Mindy Condon (7th)   Superior      "Model Humility" 

*Kelsey Skates (8th) Hope Maybrier (8th) Kennedy Stan (8th) Gabby Stallwood (8th)   Excellent      "Organ Recital"


*Hope Maybrier (8th) Gabby Stallwood (8th)    Excellent      

Jace Chouinard (8th) Kennedy Stan (8th)       Good

Solo Musical Theatre

*Jocelyn Baldini  8th Grade     Excellent      "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Scene Writing Evaluation

*Jace Chouinard    8th Grade    Superior and Best in Room     "The Dumb Chicken Couple"

Marketing Design

*Megan McDaniel    7th Grade    Superior             "The Imaginary Invalid"

*Melissa Martin      7th Grade    Excellent            "Funny Girl"

States Festival

This past weekend, many of our drama students participated in the State Junior Thespian Festival. We came home with many metals and many more memories. Here is a list of the participants and their results. Great job Ospreys!!


Aybre Morris         7th Grade      "Rosie the Teddy Bear"        SUPERIOR

Hope Maybrier      8th Grade      "I Can't Go On"                     Excellent

Jocelyn Baldini      8th Grade      "Varuca's Monologue"          Good

Duet Acting

Gabby Stallwood (8th) and Kelsey Skate(8th)      "Demon Child"           Excellent

Melania Watson (8th) and Melissa Ludwig(8th)    "Diconnect"               Excellent

Ensemble Scene

Aybre Morris (7th)  Mindy Condon(7th)   Grace Martel (8th)       "Modeling Humility"      SUPERIOR

Hope Maybrier(8th)  Kelsey Skates(8th)  Gabby Stallwood(8th)  Kennedy Stan(8th)    "Organ Recital"      Excellent  

Solo Musical

Jocelyn Baldini   8th Grade     Somewhere Over the Rainbow     Good


Gabby Stallwood(8th) and Hope Maybrier        Excellent

Marketing Design

Megan McDaniel    7th Grade   "The Imaginary Invalid"     SUPERIOR and BEST IN SHOW

Melissa Martin     7th Grade     "Funny Girl"                         SUPERIOR

Scene Writing

Jace Chouinard    8th Grade    A Foul Proposal       SUPERIOR 

Drama Club

Ever been called a “Drama Queen” or “Drama King”? Drama club is the place for you!

Watch our NEW video for 2014-15 Parent Info about Jr. Thespians.

With our new theater and choir teacher Mr. McCann, you’ll have a fun-filled year. We participate in district and state level competitions.

Drama club is NOT ONLY for those wishing to sing or act! We also compete in technical categories including: marketing, scene writing, make-up, and many more! If you feel like you can be creative and fun, this is the place for you, even if you do not feel comfortable on a stage in front of complete strangers.

This experience can help you in many areas of your life, including: public speaking, time-management, teamwork, creativity, budgeting, and writing. Drama club can pretty much help you in every part of life. Besides, who doesn’t already have some drama in their life; why not add more?!?!

Congratulations to the following students who placed at the State Jr. Thespian competition:

2015 State Jr. Thespian Results!

Performer(s)CategoryTitleRating   Received at State
Miranda Killingsworth &  Charlotte Tripucka Duet Acting Boys Boys Boys EXCELLENT
Kelsey Skates & Gabby Stallwood Duet Acting The Allegory Of Cats EXCELLENT
Ricardo Maurancy & Juan   Morquecho Improv Improv EXCELLENT
Daisy Govea Publicity Design Oliver SUPERIOR
Coleby Barnes Publicity Design To Kill a mockingbird SUPERIOR
Shantique Hill Monologue Saint Joan EXCELLENT
Jace Chouinard Scene Writing Number 1 EXCELLENT
Linda Lopez Publicity Design Cyrano De Bergerac SUPERIOR
Joan Ruiz Scene Design Honk the Musical EXCELLENT
Santique Hill & Hope Maybrier Duet Acting The Best Escape SUPERIOR
Jace Chouinard & Kennedy Stan Improv Improv GOOD
Miranda Killingworth & Hope Maybrier Improv Improv GOOD
Shantique Hill & Charlotte  Tripucka Improv Improv EXCELLENT
Eaton & Co.
(Josh Eaton, Kennedy Stand,   Malenia Watson, and Juan Morquecho)
Pantomime Chick Magnets EXCELLENT


WOW!  Please help us congratulate all of the amazing students who presented at this year's District Jr. Thespian competition!  Our students all did an amazing job, and this is a record year for Oak Hammock in the number of students who qualified for state.  The scores include (from least to greatest) Fair, Good, Excellent, and Superior.  The results are:

Duet Acting—    1.  Shantique Hill and Hope Maybrier—SUPERIOR AND GOING TO STATE

                                2.  Kelsey Skates and Gabriella Stallwood—SUPERIOR AND GOING TO STATE

                                3.  Miranda Killingsworth and Charlotte Tripucka—SUPERIOR AND GOING TO STATE

Pantomime—    1.  Juan Morquecho, Josh Eaton, Malenia Watson, Kennedy Stan—SUPERIOR AND GOING TO STATE AND WON BEST IN SHOW (ANOTHER FIRST FOR OAK HAMMOCK!!)

Improv—             1.  Miranda Killingsworth and Hope Maybrier—SUPERIOR AND GOING TO STATE

                                2.  Jace Chouinard and Kennedy Stan—EXCELLENT AND GOING TO STATE

                                3.  Shantique Hill and Charlotte Tripucka—EXCELLENT AND GOING TO STATE

                                4.  Israel Guzman and Ricardo Maurancy—EXCELLENT AND GOING TO STATE

                                5.  Josh Eaton and Juan Morquecho—Good

Scene Writing—1.  Jace Chouinard—SUPERIOR AND GOING TO STATE

                                2.  Charlotte Tripucka—EXCELLENT

Scene Design— 1.  Julie Coon—SUPERIOR AND GOING TO STATE

                                2.  Joan Ruiz—SUPERIOR

                                3.  Magdalena Nicolas—Good

Monologue—    1.  Shantique Hill—EXCELLENT AND GOING TO STATE

                                2.  Sayra Rodriguez—EXCELLENT AND GOING TO STATE

                                3.  Kim Jean-Joseph—Good

                                4.  Gabby Stallwood—Fair

                                5.  Miranda Killingsworth—Fair

Marketing—      1.  Coleby Barnes—SUPERIOR AND GOING TO STATE

                                2.  Linda Lopez—SUPERIOR AND GOING TO STATE

                                3.  Daisy Govea—SUPERIOR AND GOING TO STATE

                                4.  Kelly Medina—SUPERIOR

                                5.  David Nguyen—EXCELLENT

Costume Design—1.  Destiny Mireles—EXCELLENT

                                      2.  Marquis Lamotte—EXCELLENT

                                      3.  Jennifer Medrano—Good

                                      4.  Melany Martinez—Fair

Additionally, the following students also received a SUPER SUPERIOR, which means they received a superior from ALL 3 judges!!

Juan Morquecho, Josh Eaton, Malenia Watson, Kennedy Stan (Pantomime)

Jace Chouinard (Scene Writing)

Julie Coon (Scene Design)

Linda Lopez (Marketing Design)

Daisy Govea (Marketing Design)

Coleby Barnes (Marketing Design)

Joan Ruiz (Scene Design)

Please congratulate all of these students when you see them.  They have all worked SO diligently!  State is in February, so we have some more work to continue.