The visual arts program at Oak Hammock Middle School teaches an appreciation of Art across time and cultures. The Beginning Art course concentrates on developing students’ artistic skills and techniques and allows for placement into the Advanced Art Program. Students will become strong visual communicators, creative thinkers and resourceful problem solvers. Throughout the curriculum, students will be expected to create both two- and three-dimensional artworks as well as maintain a personal portfolio with the opportunity to participate in district art shows.

Art 1 Exploration of various media including drawing painting and three dimensional works.  Students also learn about art history.  

Art II (Pre-requisite: Art 1) Students will continue to explore various 2-D media including intermediate drawing, and painting techniques and an introduction to 3D art techniques and study art history including modern and postmodern movements.  

Art 3D (Teacher Recommendation Required Students learn to translate their 2D skills into 3D forms through clay, plaster, and mixed media for creative expression.

Art III (Art Teacher Recommendation) Students will focus on learning advanced 2D drawing, painting, and printmaking skills, along with an exploration of mixed media and 3D techniques.  Students will learn how to create a diverse portfolio complete with an artist statement describing the focus and intent of their work.