Hello, My Name Is...

Angeline Boyce


Gifted & Advanced English Language Arts

About Me:

Hello, world!

My name is Angeline Boyce and I teach Advanced and Gifted English Language Arts. This will be my 6th year at The Oak! I graduated from 
Florida Gulf Coast University in 2014 with a B.A. in Secondary Social Science Education, with a certification in English, grades 6-12, as well as Social Science. I have since achieved endorsements in both Gifted and ESOL Education. After graduating, I spent the better part of a year solo-traveling throughout Europe (je suis une Frenchie). I absolutely love teaching and look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for limitless learning and worthwhile reflection with my new and return students :) 

Aside from teaching, I also help run the Dungeons & Dragons Club, Chess Club, National Junior Honor Society, and I assist with 8th grade extracurricular events.

I love to read books, write, play on the water, hike, and tend to my multitudinous green babies (AKA plants).

See you soon!

Class Schedule

Times Period Google 
Period  Google 
  9:45 - 10:42 1 zmlo5py 2 <-- SAME  
 10:44 - 11:38 3 lxk5roc 4 <-- SAME  
11:42 - 1:12  5  67npbt4  6 <-- SAME  
11:44 - 12:09 lunch
LUNCH lunch
 1:14 - 2:08  7 5hb47bc 8 <-- SAME  
 2:10 - 3:04  9 ljbrj7j 10 <-- SAME  

Note to Parents about Google Classroom:

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