Hello My Name Is...

Jaclyn Garing


Peer Collaborative Teacher

About Me:

My career in education began in 2007 when I earned a Master of Arts in Education from Pepperdine University, CA. I have experience teaching elementary to middle grades in various regions throughout the United States including California, Colorado, North Carolina, and Florida.

I believe in the power of story to deepen our understanding of who we are as individuals and citizens of the world. For me, the most rewarding part of teaching is when a student taps in to a sense of wonder and curiosity through the learning process.

My husband, two beautiful young children (ages 2 and 6), and an Australian Shepherd are the light of my life. 

Class Schedule

Times  Period Google 
Period  Google 
9:45 - 10:40 1 Planning  2 Planning
10:42 - 11:36  3
4 N/A 
10:42 - 11:36 4      
11:38 - 12:32   5 
6 N/A 
11:38 - 12:32      
12:40 - 1:05  lunch 
LUNCH lunch
 12:34 - 2:04  7
8 N/A 
 2:06 - 3:00  9
10 N/A 
 3:02 - 4:00   11

Note to parents about Google Classroom:
If you would like to receive email summaries of your child's assignments that are posted in their Google Classroom, which includes information about missing and upcoming work and class activities, please go to the "Contact Me" link and enter your CHILD's name, your email address, the class period your child is in, and a message stating "Please add me as the guardian to Google Classroom".   You will receive an email inviting you to become a guardian.  Simply click "Accept" and you will be all set.

Navigating the Teacher Webpage

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