Hello My Name Is...

Jeri Glomstead


English Language Arts

About Me:

Welcome to my class! I am originally from Michigan but I relocated to Florida with my husband to enjoy warmer weather. I attended Central Michigan University where I received a Bachelor of Science in Education. I am currently certified to teach Language Arts (ELA) for middle and high school students. This is my 6th year teaching and my 5th year here at Oak Hammock. I have been lucky enough to have experience teaching all three middle school grade levels and have taught gifted ELA, 21st-century skills, technology, and health classes. I am currently the 6th grade ELA gifted teacher and I run our school’s National Junior Honor Society. In my free time, I like to travel with my husband and my dachshund, Schnitzy. I also love to read, paddle board, and practice yoga. I am very excited to get to know all of my new students and their families this year. I love staying in touch with parents and guardians so please never hesitate to contact me with any comments or questions. 

Class Schedule

Times  Period Google 
Period  Google 
9:46 - 10:40
1   2
10:42 - 11:36
3   4
 11:38 - 12:32  5  planning hour 6  
12:40-1:06  lunch 
LUNCH lunch
 12:34 - 2:04  7
 2:06 - 3:00  9   10
3:02 - 4:00   11   12

Navigating the Teacher Webpage

  1. Calendar: Contains all assignment due dates.
  2. Useful Links:  Contains links to online textbooks and Focus Portal.
  3. Contact Me: Allows you to email the teacher directly.

Note to parents about Google Classroom:
If you would like to receive email summaries of your child's assignments that are posted in their Google Classroom, which includes information about missing and upcoming work and class activities, please go to the "Contact Me" link and enter your CHILD's name, your email address, the class period your child is in, and a message stating "Please add me as the guardian to Google Classroom".   You will receive an email inviting you to become a guardian.  Simply click "Accept" and you will be all set.