Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Ferrera


English Language Arts

About Me: I grew up in Miami for the majority of my life before moving to Lee county and finishing up my high school education at North Fort Myers High School. I later moved back to Miami to attend Barry University where I graduated with a Bachelors in English. I love sharing my passion for reading and writing and cultivating that passion in my own students. I am a comic book reading, beach loving, soccer playing person who happens to have a terrible sweet tooth (Sour Patch Kids and Skittles!). My goal as always is to encourage my students to become the best version of themselves and create engaging learning environments for them to thrive in.

Class Schedule

Times  Period Google 
Period  Google 
 9:50- 1 wgjekjl  2 wgjekjl 
  3 i5tiyj6  4 i5tiyj6 
   5   pejsz3e 6 pejsz3e 
LUNCH lunch
   7 rurzv6o  8 rurzv6o 
   9 ibfqo3k  10 ibfqo3k 

Note to parents about Google Classroom:
If you would like to receive email summaries of your child's assignments that are posted in their Google Classroom, which includes information about missing and upcoming work and class activities, please go to the "Contact Me" link and enter your CHILD's name, your email address, the class period your child is in, and a message stating "Please add me as the guardian to Google Classroom".   You will receive an email inviting you to become a guardian.  Simply click "Accept" and you will be all set.
  1. Calendar: Contains all assignment due dates.
  2. Useful Links:  Contains links Focus Portal and any other instructional website I will be using with the students.
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