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Mr. Loomis


Culinary Arts

About me and my classes:

My name is Shane Loomis and I teach Culinary Arts. This is my fourth year at Oak Hammock and my second year teaching Culinary Arts. I moved to Florida in 2017, but I'm originally from Harrisburg, PA. Before moving to Florida, I attended Temple University where I received my BA and BS in History and Secondary Education.

I discovered my love for cooking through working in restaurants for most of my young adulthood. I have a long history of food service industry experience, ranging from diners to five star restaurants. I look forward to sharing some of my knowledge with your student!

Culinary Arts is broken into three classes. Culinary 1 and 2 focus on the basics of cooking and baking.  In Culinary 3, students learn about food safety and have the opportunity to become ServSafe certified.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.  I look forward to getting to know you and your student!

Class Schedule

Times  Period Google 
Period  Google 
 9:50-10:44 1   2  
 10:46 - 11:40 3   4  
 11:42 - 1:12  5    6  
12:12 - 12:37  lunch 
LUNCH lunch
 1:14 - 2:08  7 PLANNING  8  
 2:10 - 3:04  9   10  PLANNING
 3:06 - 4:00  11   12  

Note to parents about Google Classroom:
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