Hello My Name Is...

Toni Fain


English Language Arts

About Me:
Hello and welcome! I will be your student's 7th-Grade Language Arts teacher this school year. I am a Florida native and grew up in the Lee County School District. After high school, I attended the University of Florida and received my Bachelor's degree in English- Go Gators!! In the beginning years of my teaching career, I also received a Master's degree from Capella University in Education, with an emphasis in ELA. This will be my 8th year teaching.

FUN FACT: In 2016, I sold everything I owned and bought a brand new camper. I traveled the country for an entire year with my fiance! For the past three years, I was living and teaching in California. Recently, we decided to move back to Lee County and I
couldn't be more excited for this upcoming school year!

Class Schedule

Times  Period Google 
 9:46-10:42 1/2 PLANNING 
10:44-11:38  3/4 u5lmv5 
11:40-12:34   5/6 l24xvv4 
12:36-2:06   7/8 f6n3ami 
2:08-3:02   9/10 l7ef7fv 
3:04-4:00   11/12  2yawl3r
Note to parents about Google Classroom:
If you would like to receive email summaries of your child's assignments that are posted in their Google Classroom, which includes information about missing and upcoming work and class activities, please go to the "Contact Me" link and enter your CHILD's name, your email address, the class period your child is in, and a message stating "Please add me as the guardian to Google Classroom". You will receive an email inviting you to become a guardian.  Simply click "Accept" and you will be all set. 

Navigating the Teacher Webpage

  1. Calendar: Contains all assignment due dates.
  2. Useful Links: 7th-Grade ELA Textbook: https://my.hrw.com/dashboard/hom
  3. Contact Me: Allows you to email the teacher directly.