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Why would or wouldn't you suggest Oak Hammock to a friend or family member? 


"My son went to Oak Hammock 6th-8th Grade (he is going into 10th Grade now). My daughter is at Oak Hammock now. She just finished 6th Grade and will be going into the 7th Grade." ~Jessica Sievert 

"We love Oak Hammock!" ~Anonymous

Who is/was your (or your student's) favorite teacher(s) and why?

"Combined they have a couple of favorite teachers, Mr. Musci, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Messina, and Ms. Huttlinger (though she isn't there anymore). They have all made both of my kids feel like they matter. I feel that they support my kids in and outside of the classroom. If I ever have a concern, I know I can email and they will respond and work with me to help make sure the kids doing the best they can. Also, even though my son no longer goes to Oak Hammock, if any of the teachers see my they check on my son and make sure he is doing okay in High School. These teachers truly care because they don't stop caring just because the student has left the building." ~Jessica Sievert 

"Mr. Urnezis. He is fun and a great teacher. He always keeps the students engaged." ~Anonymous

What was your (or your student's) favorite elective class and why?

"My daughter loved Culinary Arts. She loved learning to cook new things. She felt that she actually got to cook and that they got to try and cook many different things. What she learned in class gave her confidence to cook at home too. My son love Music Production. He felt that he was supported in his music creative and was hindered by and music rules and he got to learn what sounded good together and what didn't." ~Jessica Sievert

"Digital Arts" ~Anonymous

What was you (or your student's) favorite core subject area class and why?

"My daughter loved Language Arts and Reading Class. She has Mr. Musci for both. She liked that he liked being there. She enjoyed how he taught class and didn't feel like she was being held back. My son's favorite class was Mr. Messina as he had him for 6th and 8th grade. Mr. Messina made Social Studies fun and interesting and my son loved that." ~Jessica Sievert

"Language Arts." ~Anonymous

Is there anything else you'd like to share about Oak Hammock?

"I can't not say enough good things about Oak Hammock. I love the support I get as a parent. I don't ever question the safety of my kids when they are at school. I work for the district as well at Manatee Elementary School and always loving hearing when my 5th Graders are going to Oak Hammock because I know they are going on to a great Middle School and they will be continuing their education with great teaches!" ~Jessica Sievert

"Oak Hammock has been a positive experience for my daughter. Awesome caring teachers." ~Anonymous

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